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The COLL approach of just doing Clix and fixing the edges will get you pretty far here.

Cx1: Bruno/Clix
Cx1: Clix + Allan
Cx2: Clix + Allan
Cx3: Clix/Allan
Cx4: Clix + Allan
Cx5: BH84
Cx5: Clix/Allan
Cx6: Evelyn + AntiSune
Cx6: Clix + Allan
Cx7: BH89
Cx7: Sune + Evelyn
Cx7: Clix + Allan
Cx8: AntiSune/Evelyn
Cx9: Sune + AntiBH84
Cx9: BH54 + BH54
Cx10: Buffy/Sune
Cx11: Clix
Cx12: Clix/Arne