L A R S'   F A V O R I T E S

F I C T I O N    
  • Philip K. Dick Yes, I'm a Dickhead. It can take 5 books to "get" Dicks paranoid magic universe, but it's worth it. Start with the 50s short stories.
  • Lord of the Rings The movie trilogy is starting this Christmas. It looks good!
  • Dune Avoid the movie! And books 2-4. Haven't seen the tv series yet
  • Donald Duck comics by Carl Barks. Sadly, the best comic ever is completely unknown in it's homeland.
N O N    F I C T I O N
M U S I C    
T V  
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer My current obsession. Who would have thought horror, comedy and teenage drama could mix so well?
  • The Tick The animated show is the Best Show Ever. I don't really like the comic. The live action show is starting on Fox soon!!
  • Whose line is it anyway UK has the better host. US has the better cast.
  • I used to be a Xena man, but the latest seasons have been dull.
  • Tivo Don't watch TV without it! But why did I have to buy those stocks?
W W W  
M y    D V D s    
Yeah, I know. DVD is the evil spawn of MPAA. But I like it.
W W W h a t ?  
Is your taste better? If so, let me know at lar5@lar5.com